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Net Zero Carbon Calculator

Accor, the leading international hotel group, has committed to achieving net zero by 2050, making them the first major player in the industry to do so. In order to accomplish this goal, Accor has implemented several key initiatives, including the Global Utility & Sustainability Reporting Program. This program involves onboarding all hotels onto the GAIA 2.0 tool, which is led by the regional D&Ts team. The aim is for all hotels to use this tool to track emissions and take actions to reduce them by the end of this year.

Furthermore, Accor has launched the Smart Green Hotels Program, which involves collaborating with hotel teams and owners to adopt energy-efficient systems and invest in green energy sources. Additionally, they have developed the Net Zero Carbon Calculator Tool for B-to-B guests. This innovative tool enables guests to calculate the carbon footprint of events and accommodation, and offers them the opportunity to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

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