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DIHAD is the Annual Leading Humanitarian Aid & Development Event since 2004 which brings together key decision-makers from leading NGOs, UN Agencies, Charity Organizations and governmental bodies, together with aid, education and construction providers from the private sector to address the needs of the people and countries affected by crises, disasters and natural calamities.

The event taking place in Dubai World Trade Centre from 15 to 17 March 2021, will combine a trade exhibition, conferences, workshops, webinars and networking events all held under the theme “Aid and Coronavirus, a focus on Africa”.

This 17th edition, DIHAD Conference will review the humanitarian and relief efforts in the continent where all aspects of Aid and Development are concentrated and outlined.
DIHAD Trade Exhibition provides a great opportunity to network and showcase your latest technologies and innovations in helping the people suffering from humanitarian crisis around the world.

DIHAD Conference brings together Top International Humanitarian Community Professionals and Key Decision-Makers to global discussions on best practices in the realm of humanitarian assistance and development; DIHAD Exhibition is a perfect platform to network, identify innovative solutions and seize new opportunities to support the crisis-affected communities around the world.

Once your DIHAD registration is done, book your room in Novotel World Trade Centre and enjoy the convenience of being on site to schedule and attend the different activities of the event.
The hotel will give you direct access to DWTC and you will enjoy the facilities of our restaurant, café and bar in our spare time or during your one to one meetings.

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